You love travelling? But you also love exploring new things? You are utterly discontented with your current hotel that looks like every other one? And what you are looking for right now is something fresh and unique?
Don’t you worry since listed below are the most unique places in Vietnam. Hope that this is livening enough that you and many other bored travelling lovers decide to book a ticket right away to Vietnam to have the most exciting experience ever.

1. The Arabian Nights

1. The Arabian Nights

The Arabian Nights has offered a greatjourney to our utmost childish splendid dreams through a magnificent collection of ancient tales. And for at least one time in our lives, we dreamt of livingin those breath-taking castles, riding on the magic rug or just simply meet the beautiful princess. 

Located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, the One Thousand and One night Hotel is located at 30, 7 Street (at 5A), Trung Son Residential Area, is always ready to bring you back to those unforgettable childhood experiences. The hotel will meet any expectations with the system of thousands style rooms inspired by the endless stories portrayed in the book. 

Especially in the Room 304 – with Bird's NestRoom with a bed laying inside a giant iron bird's cage under the space ofthousands of stars shimmering, the sound sleep without nightmare is guaranteed.

2. Home of Dreamers

The weather in Vietnam in dry season is toohot to endure with high temperature nearly to 40 degree, then Dalat is theplace where people come to escape from the heat. Arriving to Dalat, if you arelooking for something special, you should not miss the Home of Dreamers. Withsimple decoration, and light green as based color, the homestay gives out thefresh livening feeling fulfilling the whole space.

A night life here is diversified enough meet your preference. You can admire the sight of Dalat at night, when the city is filled with glittering and splendid color, or getting lazy in the cool breeze with hot tea and hearing the music resound from your phone. Looking for some vibrant night, then inviting some of yours new friends to the homestay for dinner and have a barbecue. And you have all night long to be immersed in the excitement and the warm feeling despite the fact that having to stoop in the chilly wind.

Especially only when spending the night in themost unique room of the homestay, the Wind house, located onto the green hills looking out to the stunning night sky view with thousands of glorious star, you will know how is living in star. 

3. Coco Beach Camp

Coco Beach Camp is a luxury camp located onthe beautiful beach of Lagi Town - Binh Thuan Province. How many miles from Saigon? Just 160 km from Saigon, it takes only 3 hours to drive or take a busto get there. Coco Beach Camp offers you a relaxing moment, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful natural surroundings.

In Coco Beach Camping, a lot of colorful rows of tents could be found in the whole area, stretching from the beach to the inner garden courtyard, with various types of tent, most of which is imported from abroad. You can rent one for your own privacy, or a bigger one for all of your family. And then all is done, a “one of the kind” night on the beach, under a mosquito net, hearing the waves gently plodding resounding from the beach, is all for you.

Spending night without worrying about yoursexpense is never so easy like this, since you only have to pay $7 for a nighthere without getting surcharged for any type of fee. You can freely bring yourfood, your drink, but remember to collect your waste. 

4. Dambri Waterfall resort

Even have to getting fo far from the facilities and the modern life, to be exact 100 km from Dalat city and 200km from Ho Chi Minh City, but the experience you have here will fully make up forthat loss.

Settled behind the hills of tea, strawberry mulberries and green coffee, the Dambri Waterfall resort is shaped by the nature, and with a waterfall of over 60m high, pouring day and night with huge masses of water from high above creating the white foam, the guest should be prepared for a mysterious and majestic spectacle.

Being here in the Dambi Waterfall Resort, the visitors will have a chance to be immersed into the nature with the system of house on tree or the camping site deep inside the forest. Imagining laying down on the clean mattress, looking out the green forest and the starry night sky, in the slight whispering of the wind that slowly take you to the deep sleep and the bright light with birds’ singing resounding from the trees wake you up the other day sound appealing, right?


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