After long hours of trekking and contemplating the breathtaking views in SaPa, the first thing you worry about could be a place to grab lunch or dinner. Like most large Vietnamese towns, there's plenty of dining options for travellers in SaPa from Western to Asian.
However, it is recommended to try a dizzying range of exotic Vietnamese dishes from the local region. So, if you have chance, do make a cuisine trip along SaPa night market and enjoy the moments.

1. Baked rice - Cơm lam

Baked rice is a typical dish of ethnic minorities in northwestern Vietnam, the main ingredient is sticky rice then grilled in bamboo tube. When cooked, just need to split the scorched outer shell of bamboo tube, leaving just a thin layer of it so that we can hold while eating the rice inside.

Baked rice is popular and loved by the taste of the sticky rice, freshstream water and gentle fragrance of bamboo. In SaPa, people often eat this with sesame salt but we also can eat with grilled pork or honey grilled chicken.

3. Grilled Black Chicken with honey - Gà ác nướng mật

Gà ác or black chicken is a rare breed in the North of Vietnam,only weighs around 1 kg and has black skin as the name implies. Black chicken is one of the best chickens with good smell, tough and crispy meat. Black chicken not only tastes good, but also provides nutritional supplements that believed to cure some diseases.

Black chicken can be processed into many dishes like fried, steamed,boiled chicken, but the best is still the Grilled Black Chicken with honey. The whole chicken after being preliminary processed, then brushed on with a layer of honey and grilled on the charcoal, continually flipped to be cooked not burnt. You can eat Grilled Black Chicken with honey in SaPa for around 120,000 VND per plate.

5. Sporty pork - Lợn bản

Sporty pig, weighing about 7-10 kg, is grazed on the open site by the Hmong farmers in SaPa in order to have firm and low fat meat. The pork can be made into attractive dishes such as whole roasted or grilled skewers ... 

The carefully seasoned meat tastes soft and sweet while the golden crispy skin tastes rich. Imagining eating that with a bit of green peppers salt and then taking a sip of rice wine, will make anyone’s mouth water at once. And know what, it only takes the visitor VND 80,000 per dish, such a good deal, right?

7. Grilled spring fish

It is a pity if arriving in SaPa without trying barbecue or grilled food in the cold at night. In this cold place, anything can be grilled and surprisingly all taste delicious, but you should not miss the unique grilled spring fish out. The spring fish is just 2-3 inches long and worth mentioning enough, they are not fishy. The fish bones are so dense that the native people only grill them to eat with both meat and bone. 

The golden fish after being grilled has crispy taste for the skin, fatty taste for the head, and sweet taste for the inside. This grilled spring fish is usually served with sweet-and-sour sauce, boiled choy sum and hot rice for dinner in the cold of Muong Hum.

9. Salmon Hot Pot

It is well-known that the pink-fleshed fish is a winner nutritionally as it is packed with Omega 3s, protein and Vitamin D, but of course the taste is hard to beat too. SaPa Salmon is of course like its kind but more popular for its no fat flesh and is suitable to be processed into many different dishes such as: salad, porridge, grilled salmon, smoked salmon with orange sauce and green pepper, salmon stuffed with cucumber ... 

Travelers to SaPa often find it hard to ignore a hot pot of salmon especially in the freezing cold of SaPa. The broth is made by hours simmering salmons’ bones,flesh, meat and several types of vegetables. The hot pot is served with rice noodle, mustard greens, water spinach and spicy fish sauce. It is easy to find a restaurant that serve this dish in SaPa around VND 500.000 a salmon hot pot for 4 people. 


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