Why is October generally believed as one of the best times to travel to Vietnam? The 6 following reasons will make you want to pack your suitcase and set off on a journey to Vietnam next month.

1. October is the low season for travelling

October is the low season for travelling

October belongs to the autumn period,which is not a high season for travelling in Vietnam. Therefore you can enjoy a lavish vacation without being worried about booked out hotels, tours and transports. During this time, there will be much less tourists as local and foreign visitors often flock to the popular travel destinations in the summer months.

Travelling in the low season means prices get lower. This is in contrast with the high seasons of November and December when Western tourists flock to Vietnam for their Christmas and New Year holidays, and in Vietnamese Tet holidays when prices can even double and hotels can be fully booked.

2. October is suitable for various outdoor activities

October is seen as the best time for outdoor activities thanks to the cool climate. If you are a sea lover, you can visit Ha Long Bay to admire the charm of hundreds of small islets, listen to the splashing sound of sea and get involved in a lot of exciting activities such as rock climbing, scuba diving and cycling...Or if you are a big fan of trekking tours, Sa Pa should be in your must-visit destination. In the days of October, the town is soaked up in the sunshine and covered by the yellow colour of terrace fields. You can trek around the steep paddy fields to enjoy the fresh air, the cool temperatures of the autumn and the picturesque scenery of the countryside.

In addition to the above-mentioned places, there are many other tourist destinations with fun outdoor activities for you to enjoy. However, you should better consult with travel agencies or search for information on travel blogs/ websites to get prepared better for your trip.

3. October is the most romantic time to visit Hanoi

October is the most romantic time to visit Hanoi

In Hanoi, October sees the arrival of autumn and offers the most pleasant climate of the year. Hanoi in October has long been the inspiration for a lot of Vietnamese artists, poets and writers because of its romantic beauty. Scenes of the sky turning mostly blue, the gentle breeze coming up and the leaves changing colour are quite mesmerizing. The serene scenes of golden-yellow foliage, the fragrance of milk flowers and the scent of green young rice – the local autumn speciality are also appealing features of this1000-year old city.

4. The ideal time to plan your trip to Ho Chi Minh City

According to the local travel website webdulich.com, October is considered one of the good times to plan a trip to Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest and most dynamic metropolis of Vietnam. The temperature is around 28 Celsius with high humidity. There are a lot of exciting activities for you to enjoy. You can head for local markets to grab street food and buy home-made souvenirs. You can also visit top destination sites including Saigon Notre-Dame, the Independence Palace, War Remnants museum…then enjoy a cup of Vietnamese coffee in pretty much every café in the city.

5. Explore the floating markets during the flooding season

October is when the Mekong Delta enters the flooding season, which not only remains a source of livelihood for local people but also marks the beginning of the tourist season for this region.

Coming to the Mekong Delta, you will get impressed immediately with the busiest and most lively sceneries of the floating markets, where local activities take place. The most popular floating market is Cai Rang, located only a few kilometers from Can Tho city. Cai Be is another one that is worth visiting, despite its smaller size. Long Xuyen, Tra On and Chau Doc floating markets are also very bustling and colorful.

The best time to visit any of the floating markets is early in the morning and the best way to explore them is to boat on a small sampan. You can visit the merchant ships and buy fruits, vegetables and hand-crafted stuffs from local production. And do not forget to take some pictures for amazing snapshots of the friendly Mekong people and their life.

6. Experiencing the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a cultural experience that you should definitely take part in during your trip to Vietnam. The celebration of the festival is something that Vietnamese children and older generations share the same excitement for. It is a reunion day for family and a delightful occasion for children. This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival occurs on October 4th.

The Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival is also called as the Full Moon Festival as it falls on the full moon night of Lunar August. This is the most beautiful night of the year when the moon is at its biggest and brightest.

During the festival’s evening, Vietnamese families often worship their ancestors then enjoy family gatherings together. Children hold paper lanterns and play under the moonlight while eating mooncakes. Many children also take part in lion dances, marching around streets and breaking the silence of the night with the energetic sound of drums.

Not only locals but also expats and tourists are welcome to take part in this special festival. If you are in Vietnam during the Mid-Autumn festival, you will be able to soak up the festive atmosphere everywhere you go. Just take a walk around a local town and you will be fascinated by a lot of beautifully decorated stalls selling mooncakes, colorful lanterns and toys…You may also want to try some mooncakes and enjoy a dinner with your family and friends while watching the fool moon. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!



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