Do not hesitate anymore if you are considering moving to Vietnam, as the daily life in this S-shaped nation will surely bring you a lot of enjoyable experiences.

Riding the scooter

Riding the scooter

In Vietnam, motorbike is the most popular means of transport and motorcycling is the quickest way to get from one place to another in the city. Many travelers even take the motorbike road trip all the way through the country between Hanoi and Saigon. With a motorbike of your own, you can stop wherever you like, take some pictures and enjoy the beauty of Vietnam or talk to the locals. 

Riding the scooter is fun and it is super easy to rent or buy one. However, before jumping on a bike, you need to obtain a driver’s license. And do not forget to wear the helmet and follow the traffic rules while motorcycling.

Visiting amazing landscapes

Readers of Rough Guides, the well-known British travel site voted Vietnam as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This is because of numerous breath-taking natural landscapes that the country offers to its tourists.  The magical beauty of Vietnam ranges from the mixture of ancient and modern architecture, green terraces, spectacular mountain ranges, green paddy fields to white-sand beaches stretching for miles…The top 10 places to visit in Vietnam recommended by the Rough Guides include: Cat Ba, Da Lat, Da Nang, Phu Quoc island, Ha Giang province, Ho Chi Minh city, The Mekong Delta, Ha Long bay, Sa Pa and Hoi An.

Drinking coffee like a local

When in Vietnam, drink coffee like the Vietnamese do. Coffee has become a huge part of daily life and drinking coffee has been made as a daily habit among a lot of locals and expats. 

There are many different types of coffee in Vietnam namely: Milk coffee, Yogurt coffee, Egg coffee, Coffee smoothie… You can enjoy coffee at proper café shops or on little plastic stools on the street-side stalls. In Saigon, you can even head straight for the park to experience “Ca phe bet” – literally ‘coffee on the flat ground’. 

Eating street food

Food is at the heart of Vietnamese culture and Vietnamese street food is widely recognized as one of the most delicious healthy cuisine in the world. The food here is the combination of well-balanced flavors and tastes.  You can easily find the cheapest and the most mouth-watering Vietnamese cuisine in a traditional open-air market or food stall.

Most street food ranges from 1-3 USD per dish. Some of the street cuisines that are highly appraised by expats and tourists can be named as: Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup); Com Tam (Broken rice), Banh xeo (Sizzling cake), Xoi (Sticky rice), Banh mi (Vietnamese baguette sandwich)…

Trying local fresh beer (Bia Hoi)

Drinking fresh beer (Bia Hoi) is also considered one of the most exciting experiences in Vietnam. Just sitting on a plastic chair on the side of the road andenjoying a cup of cold draft beer, you will be able to relieve much pressure after a tiring day. You not only have a chance to chit chat with locals and other foreigners but also experience the greatness of the beer culture by listening to the bustle of “1,2,3 Yo” cheers from the nearby drinking parties. In Hanoi, Ta Hien street is a very popular beer spot for both locals and visitors while in Saigon, the backpacker streets like Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao… are full of tourists downing beer.

Crazy shopping

Crazy shopping

Shopping in Vietnam is a fun and interesting experience. Markets vary from high class shopping malls, supermarkets to bustling open market, galleries, boutiques and street stalls.

 There are a wide variety of items for sale such as clothes, cosmetics, souvenirs, pearl, handicrafts, handmade decors…Even if you live on a tight budget, you can still find a lot of high-quality stuffs at the tempting prices. You can bargain to obtain a lower price if the price given to you by word of mouth.

Watching Vietnamese culture shows

Watching creative and artistic shows about the culture of Vietnam is a brilliant way of Vietnam’s cultural experience. You can choose to see the traditional dance show, Vietnamese water puppet show or Vietnamese musical... All these shows are performed live at big theatres and highly acclaimed by a large number of expats and tourists. In Hanoi, Water Puppetry is a very popular performance while in Saigon, such cultural shows as A O Show, My Village, The Dar or Giang Huong Love Story are recommended.


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