There might be a day you want to say goodbye to your privileged life, dining in fancy restaurants because you are going to survive in Saigon with 100k in your pocket. How? Check out this 100k-eat-Saigon article. The dishes suggested are available all day (we’ll note if it’s particularly available.)

1. Crab soup

Crab soup

It sounds exclusive though, a small bowl of crab soup only costs 12-20k depending on what toppings you add. A basic portion gives you a bit of crab meat, corns and 1-2 quail eggs served with soy sauce, sesame sauce, and a pinch of garnishing parsley.

2. Com tam – Broken rice

Com tam – Broken rice

This is a more costly option but secure for your stomach. The cheapest plate of com tam you can find may take you somewhere from 20-25k. You’ll have sufficient protein and gluten to progress the day.

3. Banh mi – Baguette

Banh mi – Baguette

Banh mi is a super affordable and popular breakfast for all Vietnamese. The best and least pricy pick should be the fried egg banh mi stuffed with pickles, chilies, and parsley. With only 15k fixed, you’ll have enough energy to function all morning. Cheap dishes with banh mi are available in more options. Meaty banh mi costs around 20-25k.

4. Bun Rieu – Minced crab noodles

Bun Rieu – Minced crab noodles

If you roam around a local market in the daytime, it’s not hard to find a vendor with her attractive rattan load steaming with hot and delicious bun rieu. This red soup is best to come with semi-cooked vegetables. You’ll get a bowl full of toppings, including pork, minced crab, pork pie, tofu and tomatoes. You are expected to pay from 25k for a bowl of bun rieu served with a plate of greens.

5. Hu tieu – Another kind of noodles

Hu tieu – Another kind of noodles

Vermicelli noodles are widely preferred as an all-day meal in Vietnam. You can have it wet or dry. Those variants are not so different in taste as for the dry one; you just have the liquid separated. A bowl of hu tieu will come with thin-sliced pork, quail eggs, minced pork, and veggies. If you pay more, you can pay for more meat or added beef balls if you want. Hu tieu can range from 20k to 40k, depending on where you eat it. A street vendor offers the cheapest at 20k for one standard serve.

6. Mi xao - Fried noodles

Mi xao - Fried noodles

Mi xao can be served with pork, beef or chicken. This quite cheap dish is more preferred as breakfast. For 15-20k, you’ll get noodles stir-fried with beef and some pieces of greens.

7. Mixed Milo

Mixed Milo

It’s a new-trending dessert preferred by young people and sweet fans. The main ingredients are Nestlé Milo and cocoa powder. After blending Milo to make a dark chocolate beverage, the vendor will add toppings such as pearls, puddings, and jellies covered under a layer of cheese liquid. This mouth-watering dessert only costs 20k or more, up to your choice of toppings.

8. Banh trang tron – Mixed rice paper

Banh trang tron – Mixed rice paper

A bag of banh trang tron ranges somewhere from 15k to 20k, depending on how you want to mix it. This unique native treat features torn banh trang mixed with a special sauce, dried tiny shrimps, green mango, peanuts, quail eggs, and flagrant knotweed.


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