Here are the top 10 films of the Tet festival and early in 2018 that you absolutely should not ignore.

1. Blazing Samurai – 1/1/2018

Blazing Samurai – 1/1/2018

The film tells the story of a teenage dog who has always dreamed of becoming a samurai to be able to shoulder the mission of protecting his town against very sinister criminal cats. However, in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a samurai, the dog will first have to go through many challenges and face fierce enemies.

2. Insidious: The Last Key – 5/1/2018

Insidious: The Last Key – 5/1/2018

The plot of the film revolves around Elise Rainier's psychoanalyst Lin Shaye. One day, Elise suddenly receives a phone call from a man who lives in the old house she used to live in. With this content, this film will reveal a lot of details about Elise's childhood and the events that led her to possess that strange psychic power.

3. Maze Runner: The Death Cure – 11/1/2018

Maze Runner: The Death Cure – 11/1/2018

Maze Runner 3: The Death Cure is the final part of the title adaptation of the popular novel of the same name and is the favorite of many young people around the world. In this final installment, the protagonist Thomas and his teammates prepare for a fight against the W.C.K. This will be a very difficult and great war, decisive to the fate of the world.

4. The immortal man - 2/2/2018

The immortal man - 2/2/2018

The Immortal is a supernatural, thriller film directed by Victor Vu, which is set in the French colonization of Vietnam.The film will lead the audience on the journey to find answers to the strange dreams of An. Many questions from the dream led An to a mysterious cave that hides Hung's lifetime secret - an immortal man who lived for 300 years. From this encounter, the story of Hung's ups and downs, filled with ambition and hatred of change, has gradually opened up.

5. Fifty Shades Freed – 7/2/2018

Fifty Shades Freed – 7/2/2018

According to the content of the original series, 50 Shamans: Freedom will focus on the story of Anna and Christian Greay after the sweet wedding. However, contrary to the wishes of Christian, Anna was pregnant. This will lead to misunderstandings and serious quarrels between the two.

6. My Sassy Girl - 14/2/2018

My Sassy Girl - 14/2/2018

The film is a Vietnamese version of My Sassy Girl - the Korean film launched in 2001. Content of the film will revolve around the relationship of two characters Minh Khoi and Dieu Hien .

Khoi is a student with good appearance, gentle, love comic and extremely good. After accidentally rescue the mystery girl named Dieu Hien being in state of drunk, both young people began to enter the complicated relationship.

7. Go home for Tet – 15/2/2018

Go home for Tet – 15/2/2018

Going home for Tet is a movie that will be released during the Lunar New Year in 2018. As revealed from the producer, Go home for Tet will be a gentle, cheerful comedy, suitable for the busy atmosphere preparing for traditional Tet  of the Vietnamese. The film tells the story of a journey back to the homeland, but also a lovely group of passengers on a bus from Saigon to Ca Mau.

8. Black Panther – 16/2/2018

Black Panther – 16/2/2018

Black Panther is a Marvel superhero movie based on Marvel Comics character of the same name. Black Panther is set in the kingdom of Wakanda, a pretty closed country in Africa as well as home of the T'challa / Black Panther. As the leader of the country, Prince T'Challa not only has to deal with internal Wakanda trouble, but also has the duty of protecting his people from intrigue from outsiders.

78910 is a humorous story revolves around a guy who sells bread to eat get beaten by a boss who took her beautiful lover. He sought help to help his best friend in the countryside. But his friend was just a blind man, first been to the city with his duck. In addition to the action factor - humor throughout the film, 78910 also brings a lot of moving stories and the meaning of friendship and love.

10. Duck Duck Goose – 16/2/2018

Duck Duck Goose – 16/2/2018

Duck Goose is a cartoon about the main thing is Peng - a duck living in the Duck Goose community. One time, Peng was injured by the hunters and accidentally took charge of protecting two poor ducklings named Chi and Chao. After rescuing Chi and Chao from a bizarre cat named Banzou, Peng and two ducks have to run away from the banal chase of banzou. From here, the three of them had to face a series of dangers that made the burden on Peng become increasingly heavy.


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