The unique travel vehicles always attracts visitors to tourist destinations in Vietnam

1. Xe Lam

Xe lam are quite  strange to many people. However, when coming to Quan Lan Island, Quang Ninh tourists will not be surprised and excited to be moving on the island entirely by this means of transport. The car has a structure close to the motorcycle but is attached with a rear seat compartment, carrying 8 to 10 people.

2. Xich lo

Although very familiar,Xich Lo is still considered as a unique means of transport not only for international tourists but also for Vietnamese tourists. These "three-wheel taxis" are present in many tourist resorts throughout the country.

3. Hourse cart

Horse carts are also popular and favorite means of many visitors. You can choose this type of exciting excursion from sea resorts to the highland city.

4. Elephant

Elephants are the specific means of transportation on the land of the Central Highlands. Visitors often do not miss the opportunity to sit on the back of elephants wandering around the village or cross the legendary Srebria River. The Tay Nguyen elephants are always friendly and easy to approach.

5. Double bike

Double bikes are not strange to local but absolutely to the foreigner but are the favorite means of sea tourists. You will find rental bicycles in almost all coasts along the country such as Bai Chay, Hai Phong, Da Nang or Vung Tau.

6. Thuyen Doc Moc

Thuyen Doc Moc is a type of boat is chiseled from the monolithic trees and paddle to move on the water. This is only a unique means of transport but also a very typical culture of the Central Highlands or Northwest.

7. Helicopter

This is a new type of service in Vietnam is applied in some tourist routes such as Ha Long, Sapa, Cat Ba ... with rates from 420 to 650 $ / person / trip. From a height of 300m, visitors can admire the panoramic beauty of the homeland with unique and unique view, rare.

8. Cable car

This is a means to help travelers move fast, visit the scenery on a certain height and enjoy the feeling of being moved through air. Although looking down at the vast green trees or immense sea, the feeling is always the impression difficult to fade.

9. Kayak Boat

Kayak boats originate from overseas, mainly for adventurous travelers. This is a long boat, the nose is designed with rubber pump and shaped like one of the Vietnamese boat. Guests can sail alone or two people. Coming to the sea resorts such as Ha Long, Hai Phong, Nha Trang, visitors will experience a very interesting and attractive kayak trip.

10. Electric car

Electric cars are now popular in green tourism in many places such as Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Da Nang ... However, the presence of electric cars on the island 80km far from the mainland - Co To bring a lot of enjoyment. With electric vehicles - no emission of noxious gas, no noise, car carrying from 6 to 8 guests, each trip exploring Co To is a true "green" travel.


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