Top 3 most successful start-up in Hanoi, Da Nang & Saigon
Vietnam's start-up culture is growing fast. Some of the start-up projects have even made its name locally and internationally. Let's take a look at the 3 most typical examples below.

1. Hanoi: DesignBold

DesignBold is a Hanoi-based start-up providing simple online graphic design tools for individuals and companies. Officially launched in October of 2016, DesignBold allows its users to easily design different types of publications such as Facebook cover, flyer, standee...

According to the co-founder of DesignBold Hung Dinh, DesignBold's data warehouse contains over 60 million stock photos, copyright vectors and 4,000 designs.  The product is priced at 39 USD.

Mr. Hung added that the start-up targets international audiences. “From the day this idea was formed in Israel in January 2016, a global mission has always been the only choice for DesignBold”, Hung wrote on his Facebook page.

After 2-week launching on AppSumo, DesignBold generated over 130 million USD in sales. It was regarded as the best start-up deal on AppSumo ever. 

DesignBold was rewarded the Best Vietnam Start-up of the Year in 2016. It also became the Winner of Creative Business Cup Vietnam 2016 and Champion of Echelon Start-up Pitching Competition 2016.

To attain this desirable result, DesignBold has always believed in the following things:

·   Focus on the product itself: Even a great growth hacking tactic or a spectacular marketing plan cannot help a product improve significantly if the product is not good.

·   Have a global mindset, which means building a product and having a work ethic which meets global standard.

·   Ultimate empowerment for team members, which means keeping every team member self-motivated, self-managed and self-aware; creating an environment for great creativity and innovative thinking between the team.

2. Da Nang: Ant Buddy

Ant Buddy is a start-up project that aims to provide the best and the most reasonably-priced cloud communications services to small and medium businesses in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

There are two main highlights of this app, in terms of supporting customer service and facilitating internal communication. With AntBuddy CloudCall Center, different customer support solutions such as Viber, Skype, Facebook,Web Chat, email… can be connected and integrated into only one solution. Therefore users can find it much easier to communicate with customers. Moreover, AntBuddy PBX is built as an internal call center so that you and your team can communicate for free.

AntBuddy was the champion team at Da Nang Start-up Fair 2016 - the biggest event for start-up community recognized by local authority and the Viet Nam-Finland Innovation Partnership Programme. They also received the First Prize for the Best Start-up Team at the Start-up Wheel by Business Start-up Support Center (BSSC).

3. Saigon: Ticketbox

Ticketbox is a Ho Chi Minh city-based start-up selling tickets for events online and providing solutions for event organizers to sell tickets better. Founded in 2013, Ticketbox has served more than 6,000 events and become partners of about 700 event companies in Viet Nam after two years.

The ticketing platform Ticketbox was built to help customers buy tickets in a quicker and easier way without having to waste their time waiting in long lines. Customers can order a ticket online with their credit card. It also aimed to support event organizers to improve revenues.

By understanding the market and its demands, Ticketbox has grown rapidly. Ticketbox won "Start-up of the year" award at the Rice Bowl Start-up Awards (RBSA) 2016. After that, it went to the Philippines for the Rice Bowl Start-up Awards on a regional scale. Not only attempting to strengthen its local position, Ticketbox has also expanded its regional presence. Currently it is operating in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore with more countries to come.

Sharing the recipe the success, the CEO of Ticketbox Mike Tran said: A start-up will have to encounter daily challenges relating to capitals, human resources and failures. Without passion, patience and relentless efforts, it would never succeed.


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