According to ASEANStartup, the profit margins of successful online bargain models in developed countries are between 30-40%, and this figure is likely to be higher in the Asia-Pacific region.

This market in Vietnam attracts many domestic and foreign investors. Then, let's check out which are the leading website in the Vietnam market now.


The next name is, the online food website was firstly established in the Vietnam market. Entering the Vietnam market in February 2011, is considered the pioneer in the online food reservation market. With over 30% of internet users, most of them are the youth, quickly gained impressive growth rate enough to gain the investment from, the most famous online food reservation website in Asia,  after just over a year of running. 

Moreover, the acquisition of helps continue to consolidate its leading position. According to Jochem Lisser, General Director of, currently has more than 60,000 orders, occupying a large share of the market. This figure is expected to continue to increase in the near future.

2. Delivery Now

According to some sources, as is acquired, Delivery Now,  which entered the market at the beginning of 2016, taking the second place with about 10,000 orders a month.  While refused to provide forwarding services, or are providing delivey service in the direction of both self-construction and combined with external resources.

Dang Hoang Minh, the founder of, explains that pushing the deliver service is to strengthen Foody's position on the social networks in Vietnam, typically Facebook. More and more businesses have their own channels on popular social networks like Facebook or Zalo and with the skilled marketing department , less dependence on intermediary advertising channels is noted. Restaurant business group is no exception. Therefore, businesses like seek to offer services that Facebook can not provide in Vietnam, delivery and payment is one such.


Just a few months after Vietnammm launched, online food reservation market became more active with the participation of  According to a former senior manager of, until the first half of 2015, the market is classified clearly: leads with about 30,000 orders/month, second is with over 10,000 orders / month, the third is with about 2,000 orders / month. As Deliverynow has taking the place of FoodPanda, is staying the same on the ranking. is cooperating with more than 500 restaurants and continues to expand their cooperation. According to Anders Palm, founder of, total revenue in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City reached about "tens of billions" per month and is maintaining momentum to accelerate development.  Coming to the demand of the online food market, VC Corp was quick to buy in the deal valued at VND 2.6 billion in 2012.


The attraction of the online booking market in Vietnam attracts some big investors such as VCCorp's in 2012. If Vietnammm started  foreign customers in Vietnam segment to develop in the past, VCCorp has acquired, a site set up in 2011 for foreigners and for the Vietnamese. Now, the fourth position is with 3,000 orders / month. 

VC Corp has made full use of its financial strength and ability to understand the psychology and trend of domestic consumption to develop the brand in this potential but challenging market. Currently, is maintaining its influence in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with more than 200 shops.


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