An agency appears to be helpful in aiding new startups in terms of getting the hang of the local market and consumers’ behavior. If you are looking for one agency to work with, here we have objectively evaluated the top 5 Marketing Agencies in Vietnam.

1. Fancy Creative & Manpower Agency

Fancy Creative & Manpower Agency

Fancy Creative & Manpower Agency stands out to be a technology-driven team that believes in the transformative power of high-tech and design. They feature a powerful production team in which each individual is well-capable in delivering a more effective work scope, engaging content, and inspiring design.

Over the years, Fancy has gained trust from big customers such as Pentair, Lotte, Vinhomes, Dreamplex, and Toyota. What Fancy usually offers their customers is a well-planned budget and workflow that depict clearly the goals. They also are capable of working with variable niches with an advisable insight.

2. Macmedia


Founded in 2012 by Thao, a gentle and smart marketer, Macmedia started working on Social, content, but quickly developed other fields such as Media and Production. Currently, Mac is working for Vinhomes and many big longtime customers such as Golden Gates, Calofic, etc.

3. Novaon


Ads/Faebook ads. Then, they developed strongly through many other areas. There was a time Novaon existed as an internet group owned by media to investment funds and startups. Currently, Novaon is a leading agency in the SMB segment.

4. Chin Media

Chin Media

Mr, Ky, the co-founder of Chin comes from IT; thus, he is a capable guy in Tech/Data with good optimization skills. Chin Media is currently working for a lot of big customers such as Tiki, Shopee, VNG, Traveloka, Vietravel ...

5. Accesstrade


Joint venture between MOG and Accesstrade Japan, the agency owns the leading affiliate system, creating tens of thousands of billions of GMV each year. That makes up an important role in creating essential applications of the top 4 largest e-commerce platforms in Vietnam. The CEO is Do Huu Hung, a very enthusiastic and open person, Accesstrade promises to fly far in the near future.

6. DNA Digital

The founder of DNA Digital is Thuan Ngo, former CD of Notch. Thuan is a leader in Strategic planning in the industry. So, though DNA is not a big agency, they have the capacity to work with huge customers.

7. AkaDigital

AkaDigital is the mother of other agencies such as Lava, DOOH. The team is strong in technology, data, and team cohesion. Aka is also very diligent in exploring and developing new solutions for the market. Most recently, they cooperate with Oracle to deploy ERP for large customers in Vietnam.


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