With its dramatic landscapes, traditional history, epic food and pulsating energy, you will absolutely fall in love with Vietnam for the first time, especially visiting this country on February. Let’s find out the top 5 reasons why you should come Vietnam in February.

1. The weather

With dry and bright weather, February is an ideal month to be in Vietnam whether you want to immerse into the imposing mountain scenery or to take part in local activities. For the good weather with clear sky and shining sun, most of Vietnamese traditional festivals take place around this time all over the country, including Tet festival, which you can absolutely miss out while being here in Vietnam. 

2. Tet holidays – the biggest traditional Vietnam holidays.

Depends on the Lunar Calendar, Tet sometimesfalls between late January and early February. For the Vietnamese, Tet or LunarNew Year is the most important festival. Wherever they may be, from adults tochildren, all are all excited and desperate for coming back home for a familyreunion when Tet is coming near.

Streets are decorated with colored lights and festive red banners with Happy New Year on. Some markets sell nothing but cone-shaped kumquat trees or blossom peach trees, which people usually bring homes wishing for a good fortune in a new year. As vendors pouring into the city with peach trees strapped on their bicycles, the streets look like moving pink forests.

3. Vietnamese traditional dishes

There are some traditional foods only to be presented on Tet such as “mut” (candied fruits) and “banh chung” (Sticky rice cake), “canh mang” (a soup of boiled bamboo shoots and flied pork) and “xoi gac” (orange sticky rice). The foods that the Vietnamese eat at Tet are varied and diverse, since the people throughout the country all want to bring the tastiest and the best looking food for their ancestors as well as their friends or guests on this occasion.

4. New Year’s eve

New Year Eve is the most sacred moment, and is believed to be the transferring time from the old to the new year. Wonderful lightening firework is displayed to welcome a new year with full of richness, peacefulness and success. 

5. A numerous festivals

Plenty of the festivals and special events will be organized throughout Vietnam in this occasion. There are more than 10 festivals across 3 regions for your exciting trip around Vietnam during February, such as Huong pagoda festival, Dong Da (Ha Noi) festival, Vieng market (Nam Dinh), Yen Tu festival, Doi Son festival, Sinh village festival etc..


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