Key influencers to the Vietnamese youth, both locals and international.

1. Jvevermind


Jvevermind, also known by real name Tran Duc Viet, is one of the rare individuals in Vietnam who receive the prestigious gold button from Youtube. With more than 65 vlogs ever published, this guy is considered the leading vlogger in Vietnam and is known to many young people. Referring to the Jvevermind, people will think of a guy with a lot of deep, interesting, honest and uncompromising acting. Up to now, the Youtube channel of this guy has owned nearly 1.7 million subscriptions. In the beginning of 2016, Tran Duc Viet was also honored to be one of the 30 names in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of Asia

2. An Nguy

An Nguy

Nguy Thien An is the real name of this vlogger, however long have people used to call her by the nickname An Nguy. The first impression of many people when watching the vlog of An Nguy that is ... she is too pretty and young! Although this year is approximately 29 years, the appearance of AnNguy looks no different than a high school student. However different from the fragile appearance, An Nguy appear in the vlog is very straight. She does not hesitate to give her personal opinions and protect it to the end no matter how many netizens stoned. There are people who like, hate, but can not deny the influence from the name is extremely dangerous. From a Youtube creator, AnhNguy has now stepped out of the box and attempted to be a movie actor.

3. Dua Leo

Dua Leo

Dua Leo’s real name is Nguyen Phuc Gia Huy, a Vietnamese Vlogger.As a guy of the first generation of the 8X generation but he attracted the audience by young style, dynamic, animated and humorous. Not a very well-known vlogger but he has created a solid foothold among vloggers and social networks. Dua Leo became famous by sharing the vlogs discussing the topic "Beauty","Breaking up", "Drinking" ... His Vlogs are a general style that is satirical, bring humor, express his own point of view, and be direct on topics that are of interest to the online social community.

4. Dan Hauer

Dan Hauer

Dan Hauer, also known as Dan, is an American English teacher in Hanoi. Dan Hauer is famous for the funny English video clips and the ability to speak Vietnamese well enough to be known to the online community for many years.

He has lived and worked in Vietnam since 2013. Dan has adapted his life here very fast, as evidenced by Dan's making vivid Vietnamese clips and has attracted thousands of views such as "5 Things in Vietnam I can not bear, "" Swearing standards, "" The first year in Vietnam I can not understand "," Normal in Vietnam, strange in foreign countries"," Talking with animals " , "18 Vietnamese words are also mispronounced". The latest is "Vietnamese idioms in English".

5. Kayla Nguyen

Kayla  Nguyen

Kayla Nguyen was born on June 16, 1992. This Vietnamese girl was born in America and currently, she is studying Film with the desire to become a famous female director in the future. She is famous for the translation of the English lyrics into Vietnamese in her own style. 

As Kayla once said, "I make these clips out of entertainment, bring laughter to my friends and encourage Vietnamese-Americans to learn Vietnamese."


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