Living in Ho Chi Minh city, sipping a cup of Ca phe sua da for less than $1 while sitting, and watching the vibrant pace of life are probably the best things to do. For those who don’t have time to roll out on the passenger’s way, take-away coffee is the best choice.
Below, Fancydistrict has listed out 7 best take-away coffee shops in Sai Gon for you to visit the next morning.

1. Startup Specialty Coffee

Startup Specialty Coffee

Suppose you think Specialty Coffee can only be found in elegantly decorated sit-in coffee shops. In that case, you should try a cup at Startup Specialty Coffee booth. Unlike any fast-prepared coffee station, Startup is one of the rarest to-go coffee shops that offer fine-brewed coffee at affordable price ranges. The booth brings up a menu with 100% Robusta and naturally processed Arabica.

Visit Startup Coffee booth at: 182 Tran Nao, D2.

2. Ong Bau

Ong Bau

Promoted in vivid yellow vendors, Ong Bau is a familiar brand for take-away coffee around Sai Gon. It’s not hard to find a highlighted booth of Ong Bau if you drive downtown in the morning. The only downside is those booths don’t sell all day.

3. Guta


The catchy blue of Guta has spread around town. You can stop by any booth, vendor, or in-ground store to order a cup of coffee on their menu. Guta also offers other drinks for non-coffee drinkers. The brand’s signature drink is ca phe den and ca phe sua da brewed from freshly roasted coffee.

4. Laha Café

Laha is yet another name that introduces fresh-roasted coffee that people can buy and go. The coffee brand features a bunch of stores scattering around Saigon. Laha recently joined the race of specialty coffee, offering fine cups for customers at all classes.

5. Milano Coffee

Milano Coffee

Milano has been on the market for a while, thus familiar with most Saigonese. Repeat drinkers come for dark roasted robusta and many other drinks to enjoy while they can sit back or take away.

6. Napoli Coffee

Napoli Coffee

Famous for coffee of Italian style, Napoli is a destination for those who like the usual taste of robusta. Napoli also offers a range of options, including instant coffee, espresso, premium tea, cocoa, and unroasted beans.

7. Effoc Take-away coffee

Effoc is quite popular for students and office workers because it offers both coffee shops and stations for to-go orders. Coffee at Effoc tends to be easier to drink and matching most types of drinkers.


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