If there's anything that we have learned since January, is that quarantine sucks! And since you probably have binged away any great shows and movies that Netflix has to offer, what can you do while stuck indoors in Vietnam? Well, we have compiled a list of the following 5 things that you can enjoy even during quarantine!

1. Make use of Vietnamese online deliveries

Make use of Vietnamese online deliveries

Pho, Banh Mi, and Ca Phe Sua Da are a few must-try delicacies that you can have here. But what about Bun Bo Hue, Banh Beo, Banh Xeo, and many more? With just a simple click, you can quickly and easily order these tasty meals online so you can complete your big food bucket list without going outside during this paranoia. We recommend that you use well-known sites such as DeliveryNow, Baemin, and Vietnammm. Better yet, you can regularly find deals and discounts on these sites as well! 

But what you can order online is not limited to just foods. While we may not have Amazon, sites such as Shopee and Tiki are a great resource to order anything you need from groceries, electronics, or even a good book to kill some time!

2. Try out Vietnamese movies and shows

Try out Vietnamese movies and shows

That amazing bowl of Pho that you have just ordered will taste so much better if you pair it with an indulging show! If you want to speak Vietnamese like a native, consider watching some excellent shows and movies available here! This approach will surely help you to catch some of the most well-known phrases in Vietnamese and to learn the culture and context connected to language at the same time. So by the time you exit quarantine, you will be able to speak more fluently and perhaps even gather some interesting talking points from the mentioned films to share with your native friends! A few of our most recommended films, which are all available with English subtitles, are Co Gai Den Tu Ngay Hom Qua (The Girl From Yesterday), Furie, Gai Gia Lam Chieu (The Last Egg), and Song Lang.

3. Chronicle your indoor experience in this country

Chronicle your indoor experience in this country

Binge-watching a show, eating Pho at home may not sound like much. But you are actually living through a major historical event that will be crucial for generations to come! And what is a more interesting story than one about surviving a pandemic far from home? Go get a journal or go to Google docs to write your day-to-day observations and thoughts. Moreover, they will help you process your feelings better, and will help you pace yourself as you continue to learn new things here!

4. Take a virtual trip in the Country

Take a virtual trip in the Country

Did your initial plan to the lush green, majestic mountains of Ninh Binh, get canceled due to this virus? Or are you reminiscing about the old quarters of Hoi An? To satisfy your sense of curiosity and remembrance, let's start by taking a 360-tour of these excellent heritage sites! 

 Unfortunately, the astonishment and wholesome ambiance of Ninh Binh, or Hoi An is reduced to confinement of your computer screen. Yet these virtual trips can still accurately capture the awe of these sites down to every pixel, enabling you to bring some of the best of Vietnam heritage into the comfiness of your room. Click here to explore!

5. Join a community!

Join a community!

Being in lockdown in a foreign country can cause a tremendous amount of anxiety, so joining a group of those who share the same experience will most definitely help! Because these communities are usually curated by those who share your perspective, you can bet they are a great way to get information and even to make new friends!

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