The scene of specialty coffee in Ho Chi Minh is blossoming, with a plethora of shops offering their authentic brands. While many of the shops expose themselves on crowded streets, some of them hide away in alleys and apartments.
Fancydistrict will help you explore those shops where you can buy the best specialty coffee right in Sai Gon.

1. Startup Specialty Coffee

Startup Specialty Coffee

Despite small in scale, Startup Specialty coffee booth located on Tran Nao, D2, is one of the best places that offers freshest roasted coffee certified from farm to cup. The price range at Startup coffee box is quite affordable, enabling access to specialty coffee for everyone. You can stop by the booth at 182 Tran Nao, D2 to enjoy a cup of body-rich 100% Robusta or naturally processed Arabica harvested from Gia Lai.

2. Okkio Caffe

Okkio Caffe

Offering a nostalgic vibe, Okkio reminds visitors of the old-school residences of Sai Gon back in the 80s. The first breeze you will get when entering the shop is the charming aroma of coffee. Among the classic chairs and tables, you can find shelves with a number of specialty coffee collections ranging from Robusta to Arabica processed in different methods.

3. Manki Specialty Coffee

Manki Specialty Coffee

The owner at Manki has great attention to detail and quality in every cup. Every cup is brewed to be faultless. Coming to Manki, you will bath in an artistic atmosphere and enjoy perfect made specialty coffee right in the heart of Sai Gon.

4. Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters

Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters

Run by an enthusiastic team of baristas, Bosgaurus delivers only perfect brewed cups. The owner of the place, Mr. Hung, dedicates to a roaster system to promote the quality of coffee in his mellow retreat by the river in D2.

5. Ru Nam d’Or

Ru Nam d’Or

Ru Nam d’Or is a destination for coffee lovers who savor both delicacy and ambiance. Priced among the highest in town, Ru Nam would not disappoint those who demand relishing coffee in a glamorous fitted-out colonial villa right in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City.

6. Shin Coffee

Shin Coffee

Located downtown, Shin Coffee aims to bring world coffee trends to Vietnam. The owner of this lovely hideout is Mr. Long, a coffee connoisseur who used to live in Japan. Shin is famous for egg coffee, brewed by Shin with a special recipe that not many places can compare.

7. Vietnam Coffee Republic

Vietnam Coffee Republic

VCR tends to follow waves of coffee around the world to introduce to coffee lovers in Vietnam. The place features authentic coffee locally produced but is capable of pleasing the most fastidious coffee drinkers.

8. AMA Coffee

AMA Coffee

The Taiwanese owner of AMA is passionate about making flawless specialty coffee and bringing a pleasantly industrial atmosphere for customers. Along with a well-organized space, AMA offers a collection of specialty coffee, allowing customers variable options.

9. Yoko Café

Yoko Café

Besides hosting vibrant music shows in town, Yoko Café is a destination for coffeeholic who love lounging and stationing for favorite cups of specialty drinks.

10. i.d Café

i.d Café

Not only focusing on details in the decoration, but i.d Coffee also is an escaping hub with fine-brewed coffee options. This is a place for those who need some space for relaxation and a tranquil working environment.


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