Vietnam is a country full of hospitality that welcomes anyone regardless their nationality, background, ethnic, or skin color. Combining with the era of Vblog, several foreigners living in Vietnam kickstarted their YouTube channel, delivering their experience around the locals. Some of them even speak Vietnamese and convey meaningful messages to inspire people on their lifestyle and else. Check out 5 most welcomed Foreign Vloggers in Vietnam.

1. Cee Jay – Cee Jay Official

Cee Jay – Cee Jay Official

Igbokoyi Jesuloluwa is a Nigerian living in Ha Noi, married to a Viet woman and having a baby girl. Cee Jay owns a YouTube Channel with more than 800.000 subscribers thanks to his excellent Vietnamese and exceptionally humor. Featuring entertaining videos around his family life, food tour, gym tips, and lifestyle, Cee Jay blows a unique angle of view of a foreigner from the black continent, which demonstrates the skin color doesn’t define who he is.

2. Woosi – Woosi TV

Woosi – Woosi TV

Woosi is famous for his adorable Korean charisma applied to describing the Viet cuisine in Vietnamese. His channel has so far attracted more than 1 million followers. Woosi is Park Woo Sung from Busan. He moved to Ho Chi Minh City with his family and has been living here for 10 years. In his clips, Woosi focuses on explaining his feeling about the food and introduce worth-trying dining shops. He shared that he put all his heart in every clip to deliver the most of his heart and message to the audiences.

3. Phuc Map - Phúc Mập Vlog

Phuc Map - Phúc Mập Vlog

Brandon Hurley, an American Vblogger known as Phuc Map in Vietnam, is “stirring” the community with his amusing videos. He is a familiar face in a number of gameshows broadcasted in Vietnam. When he first came to the country, Brandon worked as an English teacher. Then, he opened a YouTube channel just to improve his Vietnamese. Lately, he expanded to make more funny clips about food, tips for expats in Vietnam, and travel blogs. His channel has attracted more than 300k subscribers.

4. Dustin - Vietnam Meets Dustin

Dustin - Vietnam Meets Dustin

The owner of Vietnam Meets Dustin is Dustin Cheverier, a travel-holic from America. His channel features adventurous food tours across the country and life of a foreigner in Vietnam. Dustin is one of the rarest expats who speaks Vietnamese and provides helpful tips for other coming travelers. At the moment, his channel hits more than 600k subscribers.


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