Ho Chi Minh is a city full of vibrances and conveniences where you can facilitate almost all common services, including improving your health. In this article, Fancy would like to provide a list of yoga classes in 12 districts to keep on your healthy lifestyle.

1. District 1

District 1

1. Yoga 298 Hai Ba Trung

298 Hai Ba Trung, Tan Dinh ward, D1

You can find Yoga 298 quite affordable for both locals and expats. There are plans you can choose to optimize your budget.

The place locates in Tan Dinh ward which is close to Le Van Tam Park and Tan Dinh church, a crowded area that is right next to the heart of D1.

2. Diamond fitness and yoga center

106D Nguyen Van Cu, Nguyen Cu Trinh, D1

It’s a 5-star fitness center with yoga classes led by certified coaches. Tuition for yoga is on the medium side however still very budget for those who seek a well-equipped center.

3. Yoga club at the House of Youth

No 4, Pham Ngoc Thach, Ben Nghe ward, D1

The tuition at this place is super affordable however the trainers don’t speak English. By doing yoga here, you will have a chance to make friends with locals as well as blending in the native life.

2. District 2

District 2

1. Yoga Vipassana

789D Street 1 Tran Nao, An Phu ward, D2

Specified in Yoga, Yoga Vipassana’s flagship is Yoga Wheel, giving you more abundant lessons. You will be practicing with experienced yoga trainers in broad fully-equipped rooms.

2. California Fitness & Yoga

No 12 Quoc Huong, Thao Dien ward, D2

Needless to mention the reputation of the system of California fitness. Joining the membership here, you are permitted on various fitness services including yoga classes trained by India yogis.

3. V-shape Gym & Yoga

Vincom Plus L3 – 307 Nguyen Duy Trinh, D2

Classes at V-shape Gym & Yoga are clean, bright, and scented which promise an inspiring space for meditation. They have professional yogis from India qualified internationally to ensure you the most effective practicing environment.

3. District 3

District 3

1. Advance Fitness & Gym

5 Ky Dong, Ward 9, D3

Located right in the center of D3, Advance Fitness & Gym offers high-standard yoga classes. The center has spacious rooms that render space for comfortable movements. Almost all members of the center are happy with the facilities and services here.

2. Yoga living

19 Vo Van Tan, Ward 6, D3

Yoga living offers a tranquil practice space brimful of pleasant fragrance and large windows that connect you to the green trees outside. The center only assigns foreign trainers who can speak English to make sure expats can practice without a language barrier.

4. District 4

District 4

1. HiM Yoga

Floor 2nd, 2A Ton That Thuyet, ward 18, D4

Yoga lovers in D4 love this place for its modern facility and practice rooms that connect to the nature. The class locates in a building that is easy to find in the center of district 4.

2. Getfit Gym & Yoga

Floor 3rd, H3 building, 384 Hoang Dieu, ward 6, D4

Yoga rooms of Getfit is super spacious, quiet, and hygienic from the space to equipment. There are various yoga styles you can learn here like Hatha Yoga, Harmony Yoga, Power Yoga,….

5. District 5

District 5

1. Vedas Yoga

131 Trieu Quang Phuc, ward 11, D5

Led by Master Harjinder, Vedas Yoga is a destination for many yoga practitioners. However, because of the good reputation, the center is quite crowded, making it hard for the trainers to fix your steps.

2. VPT Fitness

139E Nguyen Chi Thanh, ward 9, D5

If you need a yoga center with less members in a room, VPT is a place. Though the space is not super spacious but offering sufficient room for movement. Plus, limited space allows the coach to care about you better.

6. District 6

1. Peaceyoga

501 Ben Phu Lam, ward 9, D6

Peaceyoga is preferred by many locals in D6 for variable classes suitable for adults, kids, newbies, even the pregnant. Trainers at Peaceyoga are helpful at consulting the right route for you to achieve the best result.

2. Win Fitness & Yoga

281 Nguyen Van Luong, ward 12, D6

With only $25/month, you can practice yoga at Win with experienced yogis. Win is an affordable yoga class with modern equipment and tools for you to facilitate. Trainers here are able to explain the steps in English for expats and quite helpful in supporting.

7. District 7

1. Shanti Spa & Yoga

No 45 Street 6D, Trung Son Residence, Binh Chanh (Next to D7)

The class collaborates with a spa, focusing on taking care of your health and beauty at the same time. It’s a familiar destination for those who love Drishti, seeking the inner energy to feel more relieved.

2. Titanium Fitness & Yoga

79-81-83 Hoang Van Thai, Tan Phu ward, D7

This center is a luxury destination that provides modern equipment for practicing yoga. Located in the center of Phu My Hung, this fitness center is full of facility as well as well-trained yogis to deliver the most effective lessons.

3. D Gym

On the east side of D7, D Gym on Huynh Tan Phat is an ideal option for residents around this area. The yoga room here is jam-packed in high-standard equipment while accommodating just around 10 practitioners. That gives members more chance to get instructed more carefully by the trainers.

8. District 8

1. Fitbox: 23 Duong Quang Dong, ward 5, D8

2. Lio fitness and yoga: 23 Xom Cui, ward 11, D8

3. Shivyog Yoga: 266 Ta Quang Buu, ward 4, D8

9. District 9

1. Q9 Fitness & Yoga: 487A Le Van Viet, ward Tang Nhon Phu A, D9

2. MegaFit Fitness & Yoga: 107 - 109 Man Thien, ward Hiep Phu, D9

3. AAN Gym & Yoga: 12 – 14 Street 1, D9

10. District 10

1. Yoga VYogaWorld: Floor 5th, Maximark mall, 3C Street 3/2, ward 12, D10

2. Sunlight Yoga: Floor 2nd No 5, Thanh Thai, ward 14, D10

11. District 11

1. FIT365 Fitness & Yoga: 219 Ly Thuong Kiet, ward 15, D11

2. Hatha Yoga 1: 215A Ly Thuong Kiet, ward 15, D11

3. Yap Gym & Yoga: K&K Building – floor 3,4,5,6 – No 159 Le Dai Hanh, ward 13, D11

4. Pravana Yoga Kundu & Deniel:

·      12-14 Tan Khai, ward 4, D11 (Pranava Yoga Kundu)

·      21 – 23 Tong Van Tran, ward 5, D11 Pranava Yoga Deniel)

12. District 12

1. Taro Fitness Gym & Yago: 357 Nguyen Thi Kieu, ward Hiep Thanh, D12

2. Fitness Way: 461 Ha Huy Giap, ward Thanh Xuan, D12

3. IRON Fitness and Yoga: 136 Nguyen Thi Kieu, ward Hiep Thanh, D12


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