The affordability will make you incredibly astonished.

The Roughguides Travel Magazine has just announced the 20 most beautiful countries in the world voted by visitors and tourists. Vietnam is also in this list.

The Business Insider also wrote that Vietnam is one of the best options for tourists due to the extremely affordable costs and the stunning scenes. Fully experiencing the whole country will only take you about $ 20 a day.

One-dollar breakfast is possible here

Stewart, a tourist to Vietnam, said "This place is extremely amazing. Last week I bought an egg sandwich outside the theater for less than $ 1 for breakfast. ONE DOLLAR! The one dollar breakfast was actually very very tasty!"

With around a few bucks, tourists can enjoy the street food and will definitely be full! Stewart also added: "Beef, chicken and beef noodle soup (Pho) are everywhere! Very convenient! And they only cost about $2."

Low price for high quality of the hotel service

Homestay and hotel service usually cost $ 3 or more per night. And the service quality will be out of your expectation.

In fact, Hanoi Buddy Inn & Travel, located in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, has received "Excellent" rating from users of the site. The best part is that it costs only $ 7 per night.

Frequent nightlife

You love music and some drinks? Enjoy the nightlife but somehow cannot afford to go to the club too frequently? No worries here because you are in Vietnam!

With the variety of clubs and bars, from quiet to arousing ones, the nightlife in Vietnam is the coolest for everyone's wallet. You can enjoy the nightlife from the rooftop with around $8-$15 only.


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