How popular and essential English really is in daily life of Vietnamese people?

English is becoming more and more popular in Vietnam. The increasing number of English centers and the higher demand for English teachers have already illustrated the point. But how popular and essential English really is in daily life of Vietnamese people?

The use of English in the workplace

English has become an essential tool in everyday work. In whichever job, field or industry, good English skills will always be a huge plus that helps to make the current job more conducive to success and of course, open up a lot of opportunities in the long run.

In the corporate environment, the most common and also most important language is English. Nowadays, under the effect of globalization, along with the current existence of domestic enterprises is the presence of international companies. In such a globalized workplace, everyone will have to encounter or collaborate with foreign employers, employees, partners and co-workers. And this is where the importance of English comes into place. Without sufficient English skills, one will find it hard to work in a highly professional environment.

English in daily liffe

There is a fact in Vietnam that local people with limited English skills will be less open-minded and somehow have missed a lot of opportunities including the opportunities to make new friends, learn more about other countries or even do business.

Fortunately, more and more people are aware of this fact and are trying their best to practice their English. If you go around and have a look, even a motorbike driver that offers the transport service can speak English. His English might be a bit broken but it’s practical and of course, it’s clear enough for everyone to understand!

Also, the need for studying English is increasing significantly. The purposes of studying English range from  very practical to very academic. Some study English for the purpose of General Communication while others are aiming at an international certificate (IELTS, TOEFL iBT…). Whichever the purpose is, the popularity of English is getting more and more influential, making the language the new pop of Vietnam.


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