With the extremely living cost and a high salary here, foreign experts can earn a good life.

Vietnam is becoming a promising land of foreign experts, with average foreign professionals income of US $ 88,096 per year. In addition, 36% of the experts earning a 25% increase from the time they move here.

This is the result of a survey of foreign experts announced by the Hong Kong - Shanghai Bank (HSBC).

Commenting on the results of the survey, Mr. Sabbir Ahmed, HSBC's Country Manager for Personal Financial Services and Asset Management, said that Vietnam is an economy that attracts more and more foreign experts that come to challenge themselves in the field of their expertises and develop their career path.

Although the above level of income in Vietnam, this is lower than the global average of $ 99,903 a year. However, with the extremely low living cost in Vietnam, foreign experts can save more and their disposable income is better than in their home countries.

In addition to the salaries, experts working in Vietnam receive other non-monetary benefits such as more holidays, high quality and affordable services related to local human resources such as helping and caring for children and more comfortable accommodations.

Foreign experts will also have additional incentives in labor contracts including medical and health care allowances, accommodation allowances and annual home visit allowances.


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