Hidden stunning workplace in Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh city
Located in an industrial area in Binh Chanh District (HCMC), a garmentfactory covered with a greenish color has appeared on the world-famous Archeology Magazine.

On an area of about 8000 meter square, the factory consists of three buildings with special designs focused on the green color and the connection between people. Trees are planted everywhere, covering the walls to create natural green space and bring fresh air to the whole space of the factory.

This garment factory was renovated from an old factory which was abandoned for a long time.

A very beautiful entrance with the amazing green walls.

The interior space is filled with light and has an open design that allows all the staffs to easily refresh themselves just by walking around.

The building is designed with 2 floors. The first floor includes the receptionist area, meeting rooms and showroom.

Thanks to the trees, the power consumption of the building has reduced. The productivity of workers has also increased.

This friendly work space is filled with light and trees.

This outdoor garden also provides a source of clean food for the daily meals of staff in the buildings.

The product displace place is very stunning!

From the workplace of the office and management department, the production space can easily be seen thanks to transparent glass wall.

The relationship between direct workers and management department has become more intimate thanks to those special designed walls.


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