After spent some year in hospitality and real estate in Paris, I came to Vietnam to develop wine shop in Hanoi. It was 3 years ago already.

L’Apéro Hanoi is a convivial space located in the peaceful street named after the beloved artist Trinh Cong Son in Tay Ho, Ha Noi. You will be welcomed by our team in our intimate and inspiring wine bar.

Our menu shall comprise no less than 31 wine references from six countries, as well as Champagne. For those who like strong alcohol we also offer Vodka and Wisky, or you could just enjoy casual drink such as fruit juice or beer.

If you feel hungry, we provide generous cheese plates served with dry sausages, skewers and many kinds of aperitifs. For hearty meals, we offer delicious spaghetti with its Bolognese meat sauce or a beef steak served with its gourmet mashed potatoes.

L’Apéro Hanoi’s strength is to be found in the flexibility of its space, which is able to welcome different kinds of groups. Whether you are a business group or a private group, you can make your event a success.

The wine bar, build with lovely red-bricks, presents on its shelves all the products you can enjoy on the spot. Once you sat on our comfortable chairs, a cheese plate and a glass of wine on one of our round tables.

Fortunately, our opening hours will let you all the time you need to enjoy your evening. We welcome customers from 10am to 10pm, up to 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Our wine bar provide seating for 22 people and can welcome 60 standing persons for your working or friendly meetings. We can also put tables outside to let you enjoy your glass of wine while looking at our beautiful view: a small lake with its outdoor gym. 

Finally, L’Apéro Hanoi loves art and is very happy to present to the public photography and art exhibitions all along the year.

You may be Vietnamese or expat, you will definitely feel welcomed at l’Apéro Hanoi. Enjoy a pleasant place to relax! 

No parking fees.

Now, my new challenge is to may change your consumption habits regarding wine with Alovang. 

Born one year ago, this project offers you to discover easy-to-use research tools to choose your bottle of wine on its website where 200 references from differents distributors in Hanoi can be found. 

Alovang is a company created to help people usually having trouble buying a bottle of wine. Thanks to our website and its four interactive research tools we are trying to make clients’ life easier and accompany them when they want to purchase wine. 

The seed of the Alovang’s idea start to grow in 2015. Back then, I decided to cross the ocean to settle in Vietnam and take over L’Apéro Hanoi, the family’s wine shop. 

After few years as a Parisian waiter in a brasserie, I needed new challenges. Helping Vietnamese to discover the wine was one of them, in a country where wine is not as popular and well-known as in France. 

While I was working in my wine bar, people were entering the shop without a precise idea of what they wanted. They were curious, but also confused by the numbers of bottle the shop offered. They needed pieces of advice by someone who knew about the wine industry. I thought there was something to explore here.

There are so many wines on the market it became a nightmare to know which one is suiting one’s needs! Especially when you are not a wine expert. We have created our website to help people choose thanks to simple and practical criteria. Our four research tools are “food-pairing”, “experience”, “aromas” and “need and use”. Depending on the reason why they want to buy wine, one of those filters will have the answer our clients are looking for. 

For instance, if you’re looking for a gift for a party or for a business partner, the filter “need and use” will be perfect for you. But you may also want to pair your Sunday’s meal with the right wine. This would be the “food-pairing” filter time to shine. 

Once the customers has selected its wine, he can pass his order with our team and will be delivered at home with no delivery fees. 

We based our research tools directly on the producers’ and distributors’ recommendations. We can count on their expertise to provide us with sharp piece of advices and we trust their experience. 

We think it’s a good balance between tradition and modernity. 

If you’re curious about Alovang, you can check my websites at and to try it!



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