Saigon - The alluring city of contrasts
In nowhere else rather than Saigon could you find such a harmony of antagonism.

Rainy or sunny?

Living in Saigon means you have to deal with its weather as if you’re dating a teenage girl – one blink and things have already changed. One minute after you have put on the raincoat is the azure sky without a single drop of rain. During the rainy season which takes place between June and October in Saigon, it’s highly likely that you end up with a cold as it can be raining cats and dogs with a fully sunny sky at the same time. “Is it pouring enough to wear the raincoat? Is it radiant enough to cover yourself with a jacket?” – you may ask while under such a rain.

The troublesome teenage Saigon might have you land in a puzzled situation, but doesn’t playing puzzle result in genuine outcome? Saigon with its weather can be a decent excuse for you to get a date -“Take my umbrella and pay me back with a coffee talk, okay?”

Left or right?

Saigon through many eyes represents a metropolis with its distinctive bustle run of life where you continuously take turns. Sometimes you end up with a ticket from police for turning at the wrong path in crowded Saigon but sometimes you may find yourself a secret little alley to avoid the insane traffic jam. The city shows off its charm by giving you many roads, or may I say, choices.

One may risk himself going against the one-way road and arrives at his destination early or unfortunately be stopped by the police. The other may take up more time to swim out of the traffic to finish his path. Saigon with its open mind gives you choices to do whatever you like, even if it’s the craziest ideas on Earth, as long as you’redetermined enough to stand yourself right after all that Saigon has left you be.

Skyscrapers or slums?

Being a growing center of the country, Saigon is composed of both skyscrapers for modernization and slums from modernization. The tallest buildings are made up of corporations which thoroughly run the city, from the world-class commercial groups to the famous local start-ups. The expeditious flow of people and work from the skyscrapers gives out the signal of wealth, even sometimes too fancy to be real.

Wheresoever there is a building, you may find a slum crowded with hopes of changing life. Saigon-dream, is the word I would like to call what people bring along to stand themselves from hardships of making their dream come true in Saigon. Devoted and lucky enough, you can be the one to change the messy slum to a class-enclosed building. Yet no one here can tell how to measure the definition of “enough”.

Born and brought up in Saigon has given me a chance to read whether she is mad with packs of traffic or delighted with a clear smooth sky. But no matter how well one knows Saigon, the city can still be a never-ending surprise with its harmony of antagonism.And most importantly, Saigon is generous to whoever come to her – isn’t it everything you need from a city?


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