In your Vietnam tour, there are many challenges that you may meet. Some people prefer going alone; others may love to go in a group. What are the differences?


Group tours

Sometime, Vietnam private tour might be so simple. You just have to wrap your stuff and going right away. But if you have a Vietnam group tour, you will have to lay out a lot of plans, work or things to do shopping before the week, even months.


Private tours

Travel to Vietnam alone needs a lot of things packed like a magic bag so that you can have anything you need in your travel. On the other hand, if traveling on a group, it seems like a big suitcase, dozens of suits (for 3 days), iPad, phone, laptop, etc. and hundreds of other unnamed miscues that might seem still not enough.

When traveling you cannot miss the opportunities to have the best photographs using to check-in on Facebook or just to have a retention of memories of where you have gone through. While travel alone, the only way you can take a picture is to raise your phone or your camera and take the picture by yourself. With the association, we can comfortably pose all kinds of heady style, which you might feel like wants to disappear. But it is for sure that when you look back, that may become the best time in your life.

Private or group tour is your choice

Private or group tour is your choice

Traveling alone means that we can be free, comfortable doing whatever you like. Climbing or parachuting? We do not need to bother about whether any dear friends in the group are afraid to join or not. Of course, when we go out together in a group, we often spend some time shopping or playing light things.

When we decide to go bald and go to a new place by ourselves, it also means we decide to spend more time with ourselves. We will have precious time to meditate, reflect on life, people. Traveling alone, we do not get caught up in all the gossip and all our friends. Sometimes, everyone needs such silence.

There is a great difference between going out alone or with a group of friends, solo travelers often choose destinations that are boldly historic, ancient or historical landmarks. The joy of learning is more exciting and rewarding if we go out in groups. Then, where we are located is always the famous place, popular only.

Going alone, of course, the place to eat sleep is also extremely simple. Simple, not rash! Also go with the association, of course, should be a good place, big room, big bed to spend the night to blow the fan too!

Finally, our only friends who accompany us on every solo trip are the map, the compass, the positioning phone, the strength. Group tours, of course, as the devilish adolescent we always have our real friends stands by us.

Each way of the tour has its own interesting factors that you do not want to miss. It is based on you whether you want to have time for your own to rethink about yourself or take time to understand more about your friends.


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