After spending half a day till reaching a company in the United States, Phuc had an idea of building call agents service for companies.

In 2013, after two failures in previous startup projects, Pham Tan Phuc sought another idea to continue the dream of "creating thousands of jobs for everyone."

At that time, Phuc has a job of outsourcing software for companies. One morning, his client had a hosting problem, to help them resolve, Phuc needed to purchase the leading multinational cloud provider in the United States. However, because the number of customers is too large, the company does not have enough call agents for direct communication so customers have to send the request through the mailbox.It took half a day for Phuc to reach the Customer Care department.


Pham Tan Phuc (left) and Nguyen Xuan Bang (right) had some startup projects since studying together at university

The idea of providing call agent services for the companies has formed. Phuc will build, connect a large number of specialized switchboard staff who can advise clients in many areas. Instead of having to invest in a customer service center, companies can hire staff in peak season or when needed.

Gcall is based on this idea - this is the call center solution on the cloud platform for small and medium businesses. Through the application, businesses can create care centers in 5 minutes without investment in infrastructure and people in any country in Southeast Asia.

The project also allows businesses to access the local idle labor force to become a customer care worker in the registered labor system on the application.

When there is a need, customers simply click on the Gcall icon on the website, immediately the signal will be transmitted to the phone of the site call agents. Users do not need to search phone numbers on the site, no money to make calls like the traditional telephone exchange.

On the part of the employees, by installing the application on the smartphone, when idle, if you know in 2 foreign languages, or have sales skills, consultants can earn seasonal jobs from the online store 

In 2016, Gcall was selected as one of 8young Vietnamese business technology representatives to attend the GlobalEntrepreneur Summit (GES2016) hosted by President Obama; one of the 10representatives of young technology enterprises in Vietnam participated in the Ethos program organized by the Korean Department of Technology Promotion and the product won the highest vote in the program . 

Gcall is now on Startup Vietnam 2017!

Gcall is in the Top 25 of the Startup Vietnam 2017 competition organized by VnExpress. The finale took place on October 24 in Hanoi. Here, five prominent startups will be selected to present themselves to the ProfessionalCouncil, winning the Startup Vietnam 2017 title.

The program is co-operated by Asanzo Corporation and An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ABBank).

This is the second consecutive year VnExpress voted StartupVietnam, attracting more than 200 applications for registration. Participatory projects contribute to solving problems in reality, based on modern technology.


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