Making Vietnamese desserts requires popular ingredients. However, while some dishes are easy to prepare, others take a lot of times, patience and skills.

Che Bap (Vietnamese sweet corn pudding)

Che bap (Vietnamese sweet corn pudding) is a typical sweat treat. Its main ingredients include sweet corn and glutinous rice. Top of a typical Che Bap dish is often covered with thick, syrupy coconut milk and toasted sesame seeds.

What makes the sweet corn soup a savory dessert is the combination between the naturally sweet flavor of corn and creamy coconut milk, blended in a chewy texture of glutinous rice. Pandan leaf is also used to enhance the aroma of the dish, although it is seen by some as unnecessary. Che Bap can be served hot during the chilly weather or cold as a lovely summer treat.

Che Ba Mau (Three Color Dessert)

As can be seen from its name, Che Ba Mau (Three color dessert) is made from 3 types of colored beans and jelly. Three colors of the treat include red, yellow and green, which are produced from kidney beans, mung bean paste and green jelly respectively. The dessert has different color layers, which are often mixed together when eaten. Its vibrant colors together with sweet, refreshing taste makes it one of the most favored desserts in Vietnam.

Rau Cau Trai Dua (Coconut Jelly)

Those who prefer a light refreshing dessert with the right amount of sweetness will absolutely fall in love with Rau cau trai dua (Coconut jelly). The dessert is a mixture of clear coconut juice removed from the coconut, agar-agar powder and sugar. The mixture is then brought to a boil and poured back to the coconut shell. While the bottom consists of jelly made with coconut water, the top layer is covered with the coconut milk mixture. The jelly is finally chilled in the refrigerator for a few hours to set completely.

Banh Troi Nuoc (Floating rice cake)

Banh Troi Nuoc (Floating rice cake) is a sweet and light Vietnamese traditional food. It is a combination of rice flour with a small brown sugar cube inside, adorned with roasted sesame seeds and copra on top. Banh Troi Nuoc can be served with sweet soup cooked from ginger and sugar.

BanhTroi Nuoc is ready when it floats to the surface of the pot. Traditionally, floating cake is white but it could be made more colorful by adding food coloring to the dough. In an ancient Vietnamese poem written by the "Quee nof Nôm poetry" Ho Xuan Huong, floating rice cake is used as a metaphor for Vietnamese women in the old time. They have a beautiful appearance and soul though their life is full of ups and downs and they could not control their fate.

Che Long Nhan Hat Sen (Lotus seed and Longan sweet soup)

This popular traditional dessert is a great combination of longan, stewed lotus seed, and rock sugar. The preparation process requires a lot of care and patience, from choosing high-quality ingredients to cooking.

In order to make the best Lotus seed and longan sweet soup, the cook often choose the Longan fruit from Hung Yen province and the lotus seeds of Hanoi’s West Lake lotus. However, people in Southern Vietnam tend to make this dessert with dried longan. In the cooking stage, the cook must be very careful to balance the fragrant lotus seeds and the flavorful longan.

People often enjoy this dessert cold with white. The sweet flavor and the fragrance of lotus seeds make them quench their thirst immediately.


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