Chanon Santinatornkul from Bad Genius will take his chances to come to Vietnam.

To Chanon Santinatornkul, the actor who plays Bank in Bad Genius, one of the most outstanding Asian movies in 2017, being filmed in Vietnam will be a precious experience and he is ready to grasp the opportunity.

Not only successful in the domestic market with sales of nearly 80 billion, Bad Genius has also achieved countless achievements in the Asian film market, especially in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and, of course, Vietnam.

In Bad Genius, the attention of the audiences is Chanon Santinatornkul, who plays Bank, an intelligent, handsome and innocent schoolboy. Although not the core element of the story, Bank is an important element to push the story to the climax.

To help the audiences to get closer to Chanon, a brief interview with the young actor was conducted.

Hello Chanon! How are you? Congratulations on winning the international award, gaining the "big" revenue and the rising popularity across Asia and all over the world, have you ever imagined Bad Genius being so successful?

Hello and thank you very much! To be honest we had hoped the movie was a success. When it got the first positive feedbacks from the audiences in Thailand, the whole team was over the moon! However, we never expected it to be a blockbuster in the international market and win so many awards. And of course, I am very grateful for all the love and support of the audiences!

After Bad Genius, what genres of movies do you want to pursue?

I want to try out new genres like the recent Kingsman movie. It's really cool. In the farther future, I want to be engaged in genres that I have never had a chance to try.

What is your plan after Bad Genius? Have you received any movie invitations?

I have some new projects next year but mostly drama.

Have you been to Vietnam? If you have an invitation, do you want to co-operate in a Vietnamese movie project?

I have never been to Vietnam but I would love to come and experience the cuisine and the culture. I have heard a lot about Vietnam and of course, I am willing to go for it! If I really have the opportunity to film in Vietnam, of course I would say yes! Thank you, Vietnam, for all the support and love. I really appreciate this.

Thank you Chanon for the conversation!

More photos of the amazing actors and actress

More photos of the amazing actors and actress

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