Over the past few years in Vietnam, there has been a rising wave of fine dining restaurants, making a huge contribution to shaping modern Vietnamese cuisine.

Fine dining, as implied from its name, describes a much more up-market restaurant with 3 most basic qualities including: High-quality food, elegant ambiance and exceptional customer service. Lots of restaurants in Vietnam have adopted fine dining qualities to deliver exquisite culinary experiences to customers.

Culinary Specialism

Mouth-watering food is one of the essential fine-dining qualities. Fine dining restaurants in Vietnam offer super tasty food that has a combination of traditional and modern techniques, as well as the balanced combination of flavors and textures.

For example, Red Bean Trendy restaurant in Hanoi offers high-quality innovative Vietnamese cuisine but still appreciates the roots and value of true and authentic Vietnamese cooking. The Saigon-based Xu Restaurant Lounge serves dishes with well-balanced textures including Nem cua be, a crispy deep-fried crab spring roll, served with crunchy pickles and a soft, fresh rice noodle salad.

While some high-class kitchens choose to mix traditional techniques with modern ones, some others still remain traditional recipes for making food, or play with better ingredients.

One typical example is The Hue House restaurant in Saigon, which innovates Com Tam (broken rice), a Vietnamese traditional food with different ingredients. A traditional Com Tam dish consists of small rice bits, a little meat, vegetable with a fried egg and diluted fish source. However, at The Hue House, the chefs mix brown and white rice grains together. They also add dice carrot to enhance its sweetness and turn this modest food into a special one.

Atmosphere and Ambiance

Atmosphere and Ambiance

For the perfect fine dining experience, it can’t be just about the food and drink, the atmosphere and ambience are highly important too. They require a lot of attention to details.

A lot of restaurants in Vietnam have created a fine dining atmosphere that allows diners to stay in comfortable ambience. La Villa French restaurant is one of the finest illustrations. The owner of La Villa, Thierry Mounon described the fine dining ambience of his restaurant as “the white linen, the glasses, the feeling that the customer is safe and fully enjoying the experience”. Most of everything, down to the fine details, has been carefully chosen by its owner.

When diners get to La Villa restaurant, they get the homey feeling while waiting for their food. Guests looking for a peaceful setting can choose to dine in the middle of a beautiful garden with a swimming pool surrounded by exotic species of flowers. Customers with the preference for romantic atmosphere will love the decoration inside. They classic decoration with the French art-deco, the Victorian artwork, lush curtains, leather chairs, beautiful wine glasses, the white linen, and light jazz quietly wavering in the softly lit space get them marveled.

Exceptional customer service

Exceptional customer service

Restaurant dining is not just about the food and ambience, at least from the customer's perspective. A 2011 Gallup study found that customers are likely to spend more money and become loyal to a specific restaurant if they are greeted warmly and treated with care and respect. In Vietnam-based fine-dining restaurants, customers are treated like a king and are left with an overall positive impression after their dining experience.

Let’s listen to customers’ feedback on the customer service delivered by some top fine dining restaurants:

Thanh N. commented on Q Vietnamese restaurant: " Henry and Krist - our server, they are so friendly and helpful, they told us how make the food. Special thanks to Kathy, restaurant's manager. Will be back on next trip in Saigon. Highly recommend!”

Rachel from Sydney made her reviews on Noir Restaurant: " What an incredible experience! Besides the food being top quality and full of flavor, the customer service was impeccable. A special mention to Ling who was our wait staff member whilst in the dark room. She made us all feel very comfortable whilst in the room and was very friendly and professional…"

Sue L. gave her feedback on Le Corto: " Not only the food is good but the service is excellent, the staffs are very helpful, friendly and considerate. I will definitely recommend this restaurant to my friends and family who will visit the city”.

To sum up, the combination of 3 essential fine dining aspects including great food, impeccable services and welcoming atmosphere in accordance with Vietnamese culture has made a revolution to the Vietnamese cuisine. Let’s treat yourself nicely with amazing Vietnamese fine dining experience during your stay in Vietnam – that will be your memory for a lifetime!


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