The luxurious village in Le Lai Street consists of 15 villas, scattering on a spacious hill, built by the French in the 1920s.

You can actually live a luxury life in Vietnam, especially in Da Lat. The city is often referred to as an "Architecture Museum of France" with more than 1,300 architectural works including ancient villas built by French settlers. Besides the famous works such as Con Ga Church, the Da Lat train station or Da Lat College of Pedagogy, the ancient village on Le Lai Street is also an extremely impressive destination.

Each villa has its own name, such as: Indochina mansion, villas of travelers, archaeologists, painters,…

Even when in the process of restoration, the interiors of the villas remain intact including small details such as: wooden floor, lights, window system made of precious wood, fireplace ...Hence, when visitors come here, they will immediately feel as if they are staying in a genuine French house.

The interiors of the villa represent the luxurious life of French people here in the early 20th century in Indochina.

Among all the villas, the villa with number 26 is the most special since its owner carved the word "PAX" into the wall. Now, the word still exists. In Latin and Christian terms, "PAX" means peace, therefore, this mansion is also called “The House of Peace". The owner of this house also produced and sold the cottage cheese to the households in the village and surrounding areas at that time.

In the past, Dalat people often referred to this village as the royal residence or, in French, Cité Bellevue. Over time, although some villas have been degraded but the space is still very French, bringing visitors to Da Lat an extremely pleasant experience.


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