The touching story about The Cat Grandmas in Ho Chi Minh
A touching story about 2 old ladies fostering many stray cats.

87 years old having nothing but cats

“She’s here and there. It’s not easy to find her…”That is the answer you will probably get when asking about The Cat Grandma. She is 87 years old but still very healthy and flexible. The number of stray cats she is taking care of is now more than 20.

No home and no place to sleep, Mrs. Hoa, the cat grandma, only has an old trolley full of stray cats. Everyday, she goes here and there trying to find some food to feed the cats. At the age of 87, she has nothing but cats and she loves them just like her own children. She said: "The day before a man came and asked to buy three cats in the trolley but I refused to sell them. Cats are smart and sensitive. They know when they are sold. They will feel that you don’t need them anymore. The feeling of being abandoned is very awful and I don’t want my cats to feel it."

60 years being the mom of stray cats

“I lost my only child when she was very small. Since then, I have been always haunted by the cries of abandoned kittens or kittens that lost their moms. Hence, I decided to take care of all the abandoned dogs and cats.”

Grandma Quy said the first cat she saved was about 60 years ago. She cannot remember how many cats and dogs she has saved so far.

Every day, she gets up at 5am to clean up the living space for her kids. She carefully wipes the floor and the playground, then feeds them and goes to the market to buy them food. When she comes back, she and cooks for them and then bathes them. She spends her whole day taking care of the cats and dogs till midnight.

She also shared “When taking care of them, I feel much younger and realize that this life is still very beautiful. The dogs and cats have pure hearts. They simply just want to be loved and also to show their love. People might want more money, more power but for me, I just want peace and love. And of course, my kids give it to me everyday.”


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