The international couple decided to celebrate the day they first met in Vietnam.

The wedding album of the Vietnamese bride Truong Phuong and the Australian groom - Christopher was taken in Cam Ranh to celebrate the day they first met.

In August 2014, they got to know each other through a blog. At that time, lonely and empty, Phuong often wrote and shared her own feelings in English. Feeling empathetic for the girl as well as impressed with her very excellent English, Christopher decided to get close to Phuong by actively talking and also asking for her phone number.

Gradually, Phuong started to open her heart, which helped them talk more comfortably. In addition, they found out they had so much in common. Since then, their love began to flourish.

The couple tried many ways and tools to keep the relationship intimate even when they are not geographically together. 

They tried their best to find time for the other and talk daily through Facebook, Whatsapp and Skype. Although not able to meet frequently, the compatible combination of the two souls and their intense love have helped them to overcome the geographical distance, time difference and also the cultural differences.

In August 2016, after two years dating, Christopher decided to go to Vietnam to meet her family and ask to marry her.


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