Is it really valuable or just a scam?

Virtual money penetrated into Vietnam a few years ago with many types such as Bitcoin, Onecoin, Gemcoin ... In the past few months, the virtual currency market in Vietnam has developed rapidly, attracting more and more people. From April to 8/2017, Bitcoin has increased four times, from $ 950 (April 2017) to about $ 4,200 / Bitcoin (24/8).

Instability and legal issues?

Financial experts in Vietnam said that developed countries in the world are still debating the legality of virtual currency. Therefore, many experts say that Vietnam is not ready to take it as a real currency.

According to the Telegraph, the stability of Bitcoin has not been proven in the long run because of the many factors that impact on the virtual currency, causing the value of it to fluctuate abnormally large amplitude. 2017 marks the boom of the Bitcoin digital currency as its value goes beyond net gold.

But extremely promising!

In fact, we can never deny the extremely fast growth of virtual money. It would be a big mistake for risky investors to miss out on such a very promising deal. Despite all the legal questions around virtual money, Vietnam has already had its very first Bitcoin ATM in D1.

According to blogger Thomas Barrett (UK), B Coffee owns the first ATM bitcoin in Vietnam. This is also the only machine that operates 24/24 hours. With this machine, customers put in banknotes in exchange for electronic bitcoin money in their electronic wallet, then can trade goods and services like any currency.

Of course, in B Coffee, customers can use bitcoin to buy beer or coffee. Danny Uvdmnte, the owner of B Coffee, believes that bitcoin is not simply a new product.

"Electronic money is creating turmoil. Twenty years before the Internet appeared, people did not know what they could do with the Internet, but they gradually understood it and now can not live without it. Their lives revolve around the Internet. I feel bitcoin will be the same. My life is also revolving around bitcoin. "

Sharing the reason for setting up an ATM in Bui Vien Street, Danny said that more and more foreign tourists use bitcoins as a means of trading to avoid such expensive fees if they have to exchange their money. Danny asserted that not only these guests benefited from bitcoin but also many Vietnamese will significantly be beneficial.

"A Vietnamese woman has spent $ 68,000 to buy a bitcoin from me," recalls Danny. "Why? She wants to keep a bit of the savings with bitcoin. The time she bought was only about $ 1,000 / bitcoin and now she is probably enjoying her huge amount of money.

Danny said eight or nine years ago, people almost did not know bitcoin. Four years ago, some people knew about this money, most did not; They often associate bitcoin with the hacker or drug scene. But recently, many bitcoin trading floors have sprung up. Everyone's attitude with bitcoin is changing.


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