55% of the world's websites are written in English. You can find anything you need to know by simply searching it in English.

The overview

It is extremely difficult to ignore the influence of English in our global world. Although it is estimated that there are only 360 million native speakers, around 1.6 billion people use English as their first, second or third language.

In addition, 55% of the world's websites are written in English. You can find anything you need to know by simply searching it in English.

English is also the language of science. 95% of the articles collected by the American Institute of Information Sciences are written in English, though half of them come from non-speaking countries.

Hence, over centuries, English has become the international language.

The practical look

Almost every international event uses English as the official language. If your job or hobby is involved in such events, you will definitely need to learn English. This helps you immerse yourself in countless activities at the events and also take advantage of opportunities to develop yourself or your career.

The embrace of the language also involves the understanding of the culture. More and more people are aware of this fact. This is why the demand for native English teacher has increased very sharply lately.  teaching English in Vietnam is rapidly gaining popularity as a destination for those teaching English abroad due to a number of factors: the fascinating culture, colorful markets, tropical climate and friendly people are just part of the appeal.

To satisfy the high demand of learning English, many English centers have been established. Also, to adapt to the highly segmented industry, different English centers target different segmentations. Examples of those with premium quality certified by the international headquarters include British Council, IDP, ILA, WallStreet English. And of course, the price is not cheap at all. 

However, to serve the needs of learning English effectively with a much more affordable price, there are some centers that provide the small-scaled classes but with highly intensive focus on the quality of each class. One typical example is Get IELTS, an English center whose teachers have the qualifications of IELTS Band Score 8.0+. The number of students in each class is also limited to maximum 8 students per class to ensure the quality. Students can also take an trial IELTS exam to estimate their English level.

No matter what your need is, you will definitely find the solutions thanks to the variety of English centers. English should not be just a language but a worldwide culture instead to connect people all over the world.


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