Take a trip to Hanoi if you want to experience a cultural adventure, but come to Saigon if you want an urban, luxurious lifestyle. Especially if you are a first-time traveler, Saigon has a lot to offer for you!

Although I have lived in the city for many years, I am still surprised to find new things every day within the city. 

And while the city is perfect for those seeking a metropolitan adventure in Vietnam, you can find an allusion to the country’s modern history, especially within the city's downtown area.

If history is what you seek, then your first stop should be 

Saigon is the ideal place to get immediately lost within the architectural might of modern history, compared to Hanoi imperial palaces. If you want to immerse yourself in historical experience, then you must absolutely visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica and Saigon Central post office.


The Basilica features a unique design reminiscent of the French’s 13th Century. Which is completed with stained glasses and working bell towers! The Saigon Central post office nearby includes heavy influences from the Gothic and Renaissance designs.

Speaking of shopping, let’s not forget that Saigon’s major international influence makes it an ideal place for your shopping spree. Perhaps you should visit the Vincom Centre or Takashimaya, and even Saigon Garden with a modern, sustainable design that has a literal breath of fresh air!

Yet it is the same international influence that makes Saigon a cultural hub of Vietnam! Here you can eat any types of meals worldwide that you can want from safe, and luxurious dinings to scrumptious delights of only under 1$. But more importantly, its where you can have all types of Vietnamese staples down to the far reach of the North. If you have not decided what to eat, why not check out some of Saigon's hidden gems as well?

Yes, Saigon can be unbearably hot and humid. Compared to Hanoi, the heat is more consistent and the rainy season really comes around from July to November.  But to be sure, pack as many shorts and light tees as you can if you want to travel out.

Understandably, the heat can dissuade you from walking, so you might want to travel on bike or cars. Luckily, in Saigon, we have a lot of travel options! Or maybe you should our double-deckers that takes you around the city and simply enjoy its vast expansion and unique daily life.

Nearing dusk, you might want to drop by our various rooftop bars, coffee shops, and restaurant where you can sit back and enjoy as the sun calmly descending behind far reaches of the city. Moreover, you can also enjoy the sunset in Vinhomes Central Park and observe orange sunrays paints the cool river.

Its nighttime so what’s a better way to view Saigon’s vibrant nightlife better than from these walking streets? It’s a perfect chance for you to enjoy some insanely cheap but scrumptious munchin’ from passing vendors, to simply relax as the bustling lives unfold around you, or to mingle with local. We Saigonese to talk and learn, especially in taking part in casual conversation. But to be sure, make sure you have got a local friend with you to avoid tourist traps and to recommend the best place to eat in town.

I love Saigon, so I am excited to have more visitors in the city! So do you have other recommendations for a perfect day here? Comment below to let us know!


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