Daniel Hauer - an American who lives and teaches English in Vietnam through a Youtube channel with more than a million subscribers, will face a maximum fine of US$2,200 for his social media offensive comments.

The announcement was made after a meeting between Hauer and the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information on last Tuesday where the U.S. man made a statement about his online remarks.

According to Hauer, for his lack of understanding about Vietnamese culture, he has made wrong joke about one of the country’s hero . He wished to send his “sincere apologies” to the Vietnamese people and the family of General Vo Nguyen Giap, and hoped that he would be given “a second chance” to make things right.

Hauer’s Vietnamese wife Le Thi Hau, who was also present at Tuesday’s meeting, acknowledged the wrongdoings of her husband but also addressed the stress her family had faced since the scandal began.

“As a Vietnamese citizen, I was also offended by [Hauer’s] comments, that I could understand why the public was so angry with my husband. I know Dan has done wrong, and I did my best to help him understand how severe his mistake was,” Hau added.

According to the official, Hauer had been found in violation of insulting a national hero, and could be fined VND35-50 million (US$1,500-2,200). However, a fine can be reduced if the violator takes corrective measures to fix their mistakes, then the fine will be issued after his actions.

Dan and his wife in the meeting

Summary of Dan Hauer controversy

The controversy erupted after Vietnam’s U23 team got to the final of the AFC Asian U23 championship, which is actually a big deal not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia as no other Southeast Asian team has made it to the quarter-final round before. 

One fan then posted on Facebook that he was going to get the Vietnam flag tattooed on his chest to celebrate this achievement and Dan commented on that post like this: 

The comments drew a furious public response, with many calling for his deportation as the Vietnamese thinks he has been living in Vietnam for five years and is married to a Vietnamese woman with a child, then he should understand well about Vietnamese culture enough not to make the above offensive comments. 

He then under intense public pressure responded by posting an “I’m sorry you’re offended” apology on his Youtube channel. However, after that he was found posting defensive messages on some Facebook group, further fueled the anger.

Dan's apology on his Youtube channel
Dan's several offensive comment


Facebook Conversations