What do the words on Vinasun Taxis really mean? How are they related to Grab and Uber?

Lately, you might notice some banners on the taxis of Vinasun. They are in Vietnamese but they mention something related to Grab and Uber. This is a very controversial move of Vinasun to react to the tough competition within their industry.

The banners show Vinasun’s objection to Grab and Uber. On October 8th, many people in Ho Chi Minh City caught the sight of Vinasun cabs with pretty eye-catching banners. The banners with the lines "Stop Grab and Uber due to too much inequality in the business condition "or" Uber and Grab must comply with Vietnamese law " are on the back of the cabs.

In such a tough competition along with an increasing and changing needs of the customers, it is understandable that Vinasun and other traditional taxi brands have some reactions. However, Vinasun’s reaction seems to be too much.

Some people believe this is a sign that Vinasun is "struggling in despair" due to the inability to catch up with the use of technology in taxi booking. It is also suggested that instead of reacting to the competition in a very negative way, Vinasun should utilize their resources and capacity in order to meet the new customer expectations and the development of technology. 

With the low fare and better-trained drivers, Grab and Uber have gained a lot of market share. Talking about the experience in between traditional taxis and Grab/Uber cabs, M.P.(21 years old, student) said “Before Grab and Uber joined the market, I had never thought of using taxis as a mean of transportation due to the very high fare. Nowadays, I can travel by cabs nearly on a daily basis with an affordable price and very nice customer service. Most of the drivers are kind. The support line is always available and the service, I must say, improves day by day by collecting the feedbacks on each ride. The use of technology is very amazing! Not only will it save money for both the companies and the customers but it will also help the business grow sustainably with the core competencies focusing mainly on customers.”

There is no clue about what is going to happen next, whether Grab and Uber will still be available in the market or not. However, it is sure that technology in transportation service has greatly change the game forever. Also, the customer expectations have moved to the next level. This could pose a threat but also a promising opportunity for the companies in the market. If traditional taxi services make no improvement, surely, they will be substituted, which seems to be the case of Vinasun right now. And if they are quick enough to adapt to the changes, they may be able to strengthen their current power in the market instead of losing it to someone else.


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