What is waiting for you this October?
Let's listen to the wisdom of the ancient Tarot card to figure out what is ahead!

The card of this month is the Magician. It represents your ability to communicate clearly, to ‘sell’ yourself and to be innovative. The Magician has all the tools and resources available to manifest his desired outcome, so it is a good card to get if you want to create.

The Magician is skillful and confident in his abilities, and he has the gift of the gab, able to pull the people in that he needs for his desired outcome to take place.

Being drawn towards this card means that you can work very well with your communication skills. Don't be afraid to speak when you feel the need. Under the influence of this card, you will certainly get the timing right and you will clearly formulate your thoughts.

This period is also suitable for serious talks. Thanks to the Magician, even uncomfortable personal as well as professional conversations become bearable. You might feel like having a heart-to-heart conversation with your close friends and family. Thanks to your humour, you can create a jolly atmosphere within a group of people.


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