You can be a multibillionaire in Vietnam!
Have you ever think of going travelling then becoming a billionaire?

Vietnam is a cool country to live. The very fancy but affordable living conditions along with the interesting culture and friendly people will make you feel that you are living a desirable life. When travelling to the country, you will feel that you are living the life of a billionaire and enjoying lots of fancy services.

You can be a millionaire with the bank account of more than 6 figures for real

The national currency of vietnam is dong (VND) but you will never see 1VND. In fact, the “real” basic currency is thousand dong. You may see 10,000VND or 100,000VND in Vietnam. This may give you some culture shock since you might not think of that much in your own currency.

Hence, having a bank account with 6 figures is no longer a dream once you are in vietnam.

You can enjoy luxurious services very frequently

If you need a convenient and well-equipped hotel in vietnam, you will have to spend only around 20 bucks per day (or much less!). For those who want to experience luxurious service of a 4 star hotel, 100 bucks will be enough!

Other services here are also affordable but have a very high quality. You can enjoy your dinner at a fancy restaurant or a buffet party with only $25. And if you want to go travel to somewhere else in Vietnam, for example, to the beach, all you need is a mean of transport (coach, airplane or even on your own motorbike!), a small but convenient hotel and a lot of energy. It will cost you less than 300 bucks for a 5-7 day trip.

No matter how much you pay, customer service is always great

There is no discrimination based on how much u pay for whether a product or a service. You will always be served like the king! The generosity of Vietnamese people will amaze you. Vietnamese sellers and service providers take good care of every of their customers. Hence, once you buy from them, you will feel very satisfied, for sure.

In addition, they can also remember you and your special request. Next time, if you go back to buy something, the seller will already remember your tastes, your special needs and customize the products/service just for you. 


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