From Durians to Jackfruits, can you tell which is which? What about Dragonfruits and rambutans?
Let's all find out the unique fruits that you can found in this tropical country, shall we?

First off, one of these fruit, the Papaya, hides a TON of seeds. Do you know which one it is?

A Dragon Fruit is called so for its mythical appearance, can you tell it?

One of these fruit is not like the others, can you find the Soursop?

This fruit is widely used in vegan dishes for its meat-like texture, can you guess which one is Jackfruit?

A popular treat for a especially hot days, can you guess which of these are called Longan?

[BONUS] One of these fruits is NOT found in Vietnam, which one is it?

Test Your Knowledge about Exotic Fruits Found in Vietnam


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