For the Vietnamese locals, 2/9 (or the National Day), marks a glorious and jubilant celebration of one of the country’s greatest victories. But for everyone else, its occasion to sit back and enjoy the fun.

You are going out for your favorite cup of Ca Phe Sua Da at a local vendor, only to find it closed suddenly on a weekday. And as you glimpse around, you find that houses are unanimously decorated with crimson red flags, adding vibrance to the scenery. The Vietnamese National Day has arrived.


A Brief History of This Day

75 years ago, following the August Revolution that overthrew the French Indochina’s Colonial Rule, Vietnam's independence as a country was established. So, on the second of September of 1945, Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence on Ba Dinh Square at Ha Noi for a crowd of 30,000 joyous citizens. 


Celebrating the Occasion in Saigon

The biggest event for this day is the fireworks display that will be available in Ho Chi Minh city, is scheduled to be unveiled from 21h-21h15 on 2/9. The location for the firework is expected to be the beginning of the Saigon Thu Thiem river tunnel at District 2, Landmark 81 - Vinhomes Park at Binh Thanh, and Dam Sen Cultural Park at District 11. 


If you are within the city during this day, you don’t want to miss this magnificent chance. 


Where to View The City's Firework

Perhaps the most popular place to view fireworks in Saigon is the Saigon Thu Thiem river tunnel in District 2, chosen by many Saigonese for its close proximity to the downtown area.

If you want to have a go at this location, we recommend you to try viewing it from the Econ 51 restaurant at the Bitexco Financial Tower. Here you can have a clear view of the firework, as it brilliantly contrasts with the bustling city below. 

Another spot to consider is the Thu Thiem Bridge, where the calm spacious river will bring a sense of coziness as you enjoy the show!


On the other side of the city, Dam Sen Cultural Park is also amongst the front-runner on this occassion. Although this lively spot can be considered too crowded by some, its low-range firework display is a vivid and magnificent spectacle that will excite your night even with all the congregation. 

Much like viewing the display from the Thu Thiem Bridge, Landmark 81's display offer a quieter, more tranquil take of the view. The firework itself will be seen especially clear from the Vinhomes' Central Park,  which is distinct for its lush green grass mounds and relaxing breeze. 

But that is not the only entertainment that we have for Ho Chi Minh city, another notable event is the light display that can be seen on Lê Duẩn boulevard, Đồng Khởi street, Phạm Ngọc Thạch street, and the walking street Nguyễn Huệ in the downtown area of district 1.


Moreover, in any corner of the country, there is an air of festivity but also coziness. Shops, stalls, and businesses are closed for the occasion, allowing workers to come home to celebrate with their families and friends. In addition, some may even travel out to visit their loved ones. So it's no wonder that in big cities elsewhere such as Hanoi, the streets will be empty as well. Instead, waterparks, zoos, youth cultural centers will be offering fun family events for those who stay in these cities. 


Happy National Day and we hope that you will have a great and welcoming time in Saigon!